My story.

Wise words from a Yogi, Dad, Teacher…,

My friend, Randy White, a yogi for the last 10 years and teacher for 5 years shares how yoga has unexpectedly changed his life.

“I orginally took my first class at a health club because I was looking for an easy workout to compliment my triatlon training at the time. Boy was I ever wrong. Yoga brought a new element to my health routine and it took me a few times to really start to enjoy the practice. But something kept bringing me back to my mat because no matter what I did, I never felt better than when class was over. I continued my practice, got better and found a new element to yoga besides the physical. Yoga opened my eyes to the many other beautiful things in the world that I never knew existed. Wanting to learn more, I enrolled in a teacher training program and 5 years later, I am sharing my passion of yoga with many others. I feel yoga has opened my heart and mind and I have become a better person because of it. You can ask my friends and family. I am a better friend, husband, and father to my kids. Yoga continues to keep me on my toes, exploring not only the physical aspects, but the spirtiual and mental sides of the practice. Where it keeps taking me is part of the journey that I love so much. It’s as if it is a musical note that has no end. I feel blessed that I decided to take a class, give it a chance and keep an open mind. Yoga truly has changed my life for the better.”


Not all stress is bad. If we did not experience stress sometimes, it would be difficult to respond to challenges, adapt to change, or make new bone in response to weight bearing, just to name a few. However, sustained chronic stress has been shown to adversely affect both mental and physical health. Women (the majority of caregivers) tend to overlook warning signs of stress such as overeating, fatigue, trouble sleeping or waking, lack of focus, etc. Chronic stress may result in conditions such as anxiety, depression, obesity, hypertension, and drug or alcohol abuse, if unchecked.
  Here’s the good news - chronic stress can be managed if we just take the time to care for ourselves. Please follow my posts this month for tips to alleviate stress, remain connected, and to avoid unhealthy ways to cope.